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Crafty-Preneur 101 - Hearing the ChaChing

Learn how to successfully build, grow, and market your creative business.

Due to the rapid impact of Covid-19 we are offering our E-Commerce class for $97.00 compared to its normal price of $347.00

We feel like there is no better time to realize the importance of selling online and growing your business outside of it's normal market. 

Save between $250 and $324 by investing in the growth of your business today.

Have you ever heard "Focus online and your sales will follow"?

They say "the more you tell, the more you sell" which is true... but only if people actually hear what you say - or in this case post online.

People have to be able to find your products and services online. If you're not using the internet with a purpose you're missing out on sales. 

"Damon has helped us double our revenue and add passive income streams that stabilize our income."
"My Etsy Sales increased from 1 to over 400 from 2018 to 2019."
"I have learned so much from Damon on how to be authentic in your business and how to think strategically"
Trusted by 4,032 companies

Since 2017 we've served Craft-Preneurs all over the world.

You are a Creative. You deserve to be paid for your creativity. You deserve to be making money.

You can become a Crafty-Entrepreneur.

Over 200 hours of course material + New Content Monthly

We want you to succeed so we give you everything we know you might need


Detailed step by step videos sharing our screen to help you walk through the process of building and marketing your online business.

Live Q&As

We offer live Q&A support multiple times a week in the Facebook community. Monday 10am, Tuesday 10am and Wednesday at 7pm.

Work Sheets

We offer PDF work sheets for guided course material and we offer templates from various resources for your use.

Apps & Tools

We share our favorite apps and tools that help our business run smooth and efficiently.

Industry leading classes

Our foundation for success comes from the expertise of our industry leading instructors

Some Of The Course Lessons
Starting Your Business
Fundamental steps to securing your business.

Covers getting your business set up correctly, how to select a business name, and securing your business online. 

Email & Bot Strategy
The fundamentals of messengers

Covers getting your email list set up, collecting emails, how to grow your email list, how to be legal with emails, email marketing, benefits of manychat, manychat strategy. Templates for both platforms

Etsy Strategy
The fundamentals of Etsy.

How to open and set up an optimized shop, branding, SEO, how to get found, tools to help, and how to read your stats and reports. Random shop reviews, pricing, and shipping.

Pinterest Strategy
The fundamentals of Pinterest

How to set up an optimized Pinterest account. What you should be pinning and the strategy to send more traffic and drive sales. How to read your stats. Setting up Pinterest ads. Pin templates

Facebook Strategy
The fundamentals of Facebook

How to optimize your Facebook page, growing your customer base, using Facebook to drive traffic and sales. Facebook Ads. Random page reviews.

Instagram Strategy
The fundamentals of Instagram

How to set up your business instagram account, see insights, hash tag strategy, and how to drive traffic and sales. 

We offer 80+ other tutorials inside of our monthly memberships. 

Membership includes but aren't limited to:

  • Turning your followers into leads
  • Power of Traffic
  • Opening a T shirt store that you don't have to physically work
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • How To Price your items or services
  • How To Create and Sell Tutorials
  • ManyChat
  • Multiple Sales Channels
  • Opt-Ins
  • Media Kits
  • Favorite Apps
  • Favorite Online Resources
  • How To Figure Out What To Sell Your Current Audience
  • How To Use Publicity For Sales

 and more!

Free bonus content
SEO Keyword Lists

Lists for each major Holiday / Season that you can use to help get your product, service, blog, or post found online.

Guest Instructors

Damon's Peers come in and provide knowledge and training on areas of their expertise. 

Check Lists & Templates

We offer several PDF, Planners, and documents that you can use to help manage your time and business.

Get started.
Craft-Preneur 101 - Hearing the ChaChing
Figure out who your customer is.
The first step to succeeding with your online business is identifying the right customer for your product or service. The key here is to be laser focused on your ideal customer, your super fan, and the person that would wear your t-shirt. You'll be surprised at how your sales increase when you start focusing your energy on the right audience.
Do some SEO homework.
Once you know who you're talking to you'll need to find out what they're searching for online. We can help you navigate through the web to find the perfect SEO and keywords that lead your ideal customer right to your product or service.
You're not a business without some transactions...

We've got step by step videos, guides and written documents to help you set up your store or website to be able to collect money for your products or services.

Find where your customers are online

We have step by step videos, guides, and documents on how to use different social media platforms to bring your content right to your customer.

Secure the sale... over and over again.

The end goal is a repeat customer. Repeat customers are the cheapest to obtain customers you'll ever have. We will teach you how to treat your customers like royalty and how you can keep talking to them and getting new products in front of them with little effort!

Ready to hear more chachings?
Three ways to pay
$97 Course Only **Special Price**

Price is normally $347 Life Time access to the course with no additional support

$97 all access **Special Price**

Price is normally $347 and $37/MO. Save $250 and start investing in your business today.  

$467 all access + Full Year Membership

It's $467 and includes 12 months of our Business Membership. After 12 month's it is $37/MO if you decide to stay a member of our business course to continue to grow.  This is a normal $791 expense! Save $324.00

By placing an order you are stating that you agree to pay in full, no refunds on digital courses, and that you'll keep the training confidential. You shall not share the training publicly.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is included?
The course cost includes all of the training for the fundamentals of starting your business, fundamentals of Etsy, Fundamentals of Facebook, Fundamentals of Messenger Marketing, Fundamentals of Pinterest, Fundamentals of Instagram. It also includes worksheets, videos, and access to private membership trainings - Live Q&As. Random reviews of work.
Who are the instructors?
Damon is one of the few instructors to specialize in both e-commerce and content based businesses. He built his first five figure business at 17. He has built a few e-commerce based businesses - one five figure, one six-figure and one seven-figure business. He built a seven figure consulting company right out of college and he has now built a seven-figure sustainable content based business in less than a year.

He has taught thousands of other craftpreneurs how to implement his same business strategy. Students have hit six-figure businesses and one student is on trend to reach a seven-figure e-commerce business in 2019.
Do you offer 1 on 1 consultations?
Currently all of our official 1 on 1 consultation slots are full. We will have random drawings throughout the course for students to win 1 on 1 consultations. 
Can I view the class on my phone?
The training portal is mobile friendly, but I highly recommend that you have a computer to successfully run your business. There will be several features on each site that we recommend that you use that you can't access from mobile. 

Make your creative business EPIC

Damon share's exactly how he created a 2.5 Million Dollar Brand, all of his success tips, whats working, what doesn't, and how you should apply them to your business.

What's Included In The Course?

Access to The ChaChing Blue Print Course, without stand alone support - Value of $347

The ChaChing Blue Print covers the big picture when it comes to e-commerce and provides you the basic knowledge that you need to run a successful e-commerce store.

Covers getting your business set up correctly, The basics of Facebook business, The Basics of Etsy, The Basics of email collection and list building.

This version of the course will not come with the dedicated weekly Q&As or its own private Facebook group.

What's Included In The Membership?

Learning Environment

We provide one new tutorial per month in Teachable and Provide 1 Q&A per week live in our Private Facebook Community.

The Business Promise - Value of Priceless

You will have all of the tools that you need to implement into your business to have a successful e-commerce store.

Access to The ChaChing Blue Print Course - Value of $347

The ChaChing Blue Print covers the big picture when it comes to e-commerce and provides you the basic knowledge that you need to run a successful e-commerce store.

Covers getting your business set up correctly, The basics of Facebook business, The Basics of Etsy, The Basics of email collection / marketing, and your first Facebook Ad.

Access to Damon's Inner Circle Private Group - Value of $3,499

You will not only be gaining access to me, but you will be joining a supportive network of talented individuals with the same goals and creative dreams that will have your business wheels spinning out of control and have you striving to get better.

Access to an e-commerce success path Value of $997

Tutorials are done monthly in Teachable. No distractions just straight up education.

Access to over 100 Facebook Live Tutorials - Value of $3,700

Watch replays of live trainings / Q&As from the last 2 years!

Access to detailed training of the following categories  - Value of $497

Access to our Pricing Training
Access to our Favorite Selling Methods
Access to our Print on Demand Training (Get paid for less work)
Access to our Battling the Summer Blues training
Access to our Youtube Training
Access to our 30 days of Business Changing Tips
Access to our training on creating tutorials
Access to our Advanced ManyChat Training
Access to our method of turning Followers into Leads (It's Priceless & A Key to your success)

New items added monthly!

Live sessions where you get to pick Damon's brain! Value of $400

Weekly 1 hour Q&A calls where you get to ask ANY question thats a pain point in your business and we work through it live.

Live sessions where Damon puts a group member in the hot seat to review their business! Value of $400

HOT SEAT call where Damon takes a look a group members business and gives feed back for the group to learn from.

Membership Total Value is $9,690, but you can access it today for $347 and then $37 per month!

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